How It Works

CryptoFrenzy's crypto-porfolio allows you to track you earnings for most crypto-currencies. Your personal portfolio will automatically calculate the cash and BTC value of your coins in real time (rates are updated every 15 minutes). Not only will this portfolio calculate your current value, it will also calculate the return on your initial investment. You can also choose which rate you want your calculations based off. CryptoFrenzy currently supports over 30 currencies as well as various crypto securities.

Getting started is easy and free. All you need to do is register.


Portfolio Features

Adding or removing funds is easy. Simply select the currency you wish to add or remove along with the fiat amount you invested and click the desired action.



Trading is very similar. Select your too and from currencies and enter the amounts you traded for.


If you don't like one of the values or if you made a mistake, the crypto-portfolio also allows you to manually edit your coin and investment values by using the Free Form Modify button.


Account Settings

Not only are you able to perform standard tasks such as changing your password or email address. You can also change your portfolio settings. You will be able to choose your default currency (USD, CAD or EUR). You can change the default view to show the rates for all supported coins, or only the coins you currently hold. Finally, you can select which exchange you want the Bitcoin price to be based off for your calculations. Current exchanges are Coinbase, Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, Coindesk BPI and BTC-e.



Start A Crypto Pool

Not only can you start your own personal portfolio. You can also create a crypto-pool for you and your friends to invest in. Let's face it, crypto-currencies are still new to a lot of people and many people are weary of investing. If you are willing to do the leg work for them (purchasing and storing their coins), it might serve as a great initiation to get new people on board the crypto train. Each pool will be given a unique publicly accessible URL so members can track the status of their earnings without needing to log into the admin account.

Starting a crypto-pool is easy. Each member can create up to 5 different pools and each pool can have between 2-10 members. The pool system will automatically calculate each member's return based on their individual investments. It will also calculate how many of each coin each member holds. If members choose to add different investment amounts at different times, the pool system will take care of calculating the correct rate of return based on the current value of the pool at the time the new investments are made.

The same features exist for the pool service as the standard portfolio. You can trade for the same coins and shares. You can add funds/currencies to the pool as well as trade and Free Form Modify the fields. You can also choose the default currency to display the values in as well as choose the default Bitcoin price exchange.



The CryptoFrenzy Crypto-Portfolio is currently in a beta testing phase. Despite much testing done on our side, it is possible that you will encounter various bugs or calculation errors while using the site. Please contact us to report any issues you encounter so we can offer a better product.




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