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New Currencies and Coin Selector Features

Due to popular demand, we have been hard at work adding new features. If you stop by your account settings page, you will notice many changes.

The most significant change would be the new currency selector. You can now select which coins and currencies you want to see when Adding/Removing or Trading funds.

We have also added over 160 local currencies, so you can now convert your portfolio into you native currency.

We have also redesigned the view of the webpage for mobile devices to diminish scrolling times.

The roadmap for future features currently looks like this:

  • Add more info to Recent Trades and add a notes field
  • View rates from the most Profitable exchange
  • SSL
  • Add Custom Coins and Shares
  • Address book to store adresses
  • Multiple markets and maximum profitability calculations from coins offered on multiple markets
  • SMS price alerts
  • Portfolio weekly value history

Thank you all for sticking around!

CryptoFrenzy Crypto-Porfolio Launches (beta)

CrytpoFrenzy is proud to announce the beta launch of our crypto-porfolio service. CryptoFrenzy's crypto-porfolio allows you to track you earnings for most crypto-currencies. Your personal portfolio will automatically calculate the cash and BTC value of your coins in real time (rates are updated every 15 minutes). Not only will this portfolio calculate your current value, it will also calculate the return on your initial investment. You can also choose which rate you want your calculations based off. CryptoFrenzy currently supports over 30 currencies as well as various crypto securities. See how it works here.

Crypto-Porfolio Features

  • Live price updates (rates are updated every 15 minutes)
  • Calculates total fiat value as well as total BTC value
  • Tracks initial investment and rate of return
  • 24h and 7d highs and lows for all supported currencies and shares
  • Pool functionality to entice your friends to invest in crypto
  • Publicly accessible pool pages so friends can track pool earnings
  • Supported fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CAD)
  • 35 supported crypto-currencies (contact us if you want more)
  • crypto securities from
  • CryptoAve shares (price is manually set until the exchange is released)
  • Supports BTC rates from multiple exchanges (Coinbase, Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, Coindesk BPI, BTC-e)
  • Automatic functions to add or remove funds
  • Free modify function to freely enter information
  • Trade tracking (last 10 trades)
  • Responsive tables for easy view on mobile devices
  • Coin rates currently being pulled from BTC-e & Cryptsy API's
  • Securities currently being pulled from Cryptostocks API.
  • Currencies are supported in multiple markets (ie. LTC, XPM)

Coming Soon...

  • SMS Alerts for drastic rate fluctuations
  • Custom coin/securities addition with manually changeable rates.
  • Easy Access wallet address storage
  • Ability to choose which exchanges to obtain rates from along with option to view highest price across exchanges.
  • Much more...

We're glad to have you aboard. Feel free to contact us with any feature requests or issues you encounter during our beta phase.

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